Lavazza Tierra Brasile Intense 1 kg

Sku: 616

Ean Code: 8000070152809

Gross weight Package: 6480

Net weight Package: 6000

Net weight CU: 1000

Ean Code CU: 8000070052802

Packages / Pallet: 66

CU / Package: 6

Product of the month

Kimbo Vending Audace 1 kg

Sku: 766

Ean Code: 8002200148154

Gross weight Package: 6560

Net weight Package: 6000

Net weight CU: 1000

Ean Code CU: 8002200148157

Packages / Pallet: 60

CU / Package: 6


Prinsen Coffeecreamer 1 kg

Sku: 1311

Ean Code: 8710283653382

Gross weight Package: 8550

Net weight Package: 8000

Net weight CU: 1000

Ean Code CU: 8710283653375

Packages / Pallet: 56

CU / Package: 8

Theunissen Koffie

Theunissen Maastricht BV

Since 1948, we have been selling coffee to retailers, from small convenience stores to multinational supermarket companies. Our aim is to provide a wide variety of coffee brands quickly and with great (after)care.

In 1948 we sold one single brand, nowadays we can supply customers with over 350 sorts of coffee, from distinguished A-labels to popular budgetbrands. Our longtime experience allows us to work efficiently, quick and accurate. Furthermore, thanks to our no-nonsense approach we can work flexible, resulting in a exceptional service to our customers.

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